Introducing Tammy Bray and the Van Arsdale Pulse



My name is Tammy Bray and I would like to introduce myself as well as our blog, the Van Arsdale Pulse. I am Van Arsdale market expert for 8z Real Estate. I am a great source for community information. Arvada is a large community but there is a connected spirit within the area. Often running into the same people at the soccer fields and then at the APEX or YMCA.

I grew up in Arvada, attended Happy Valley pre-school, Sierra Elementary, Oberon Jr. High and then Arvada West High School. My parents still live in the house I grew up in off of 74th and Simms, so once I was married it was a no brainer to live in the same great city that I was raised in. Arvada has grown in the last 30+ years but I have to smile when I find myself shopping at the same grocery store, eating at the same restaurants and visiting the same local organizations with my own kids as I did growing up.  It is a great community with so much to offer families and I wouldn’t want to raise my kids anywhere else.

My kids attend Van Arsdale Elementary school and I am their “Bus driver’. I’m in the neighborhood M-F for drop off and pick up in addition to school activities/functions- I like to call it my second home.  My family is actively involved in sporting events and other activities at the APEX center and other local organizations. We are typically at one of the local soccer or baseball fields on any given week night or weekend. In addition we spend time at the high school, I am the Ralston Valley’s level 5 freshman girls volleyball team coach. It is a great experience to get to spend time in the community and cheer on the teams at RV!

I’ve launched Van Arsdale Pulse as a way to keep the current residents informed of what is happening in their community. This includes information to help current homeowners know what their home is worth, ways to make it more valuable, and to know what others in their neighborhood are up to. It’s also a forum for the community to have discussions about what’s happening around the neighborhood.

Keep up to date with the Van Arsdale Pulse Facebook Page or on the blog. If we haven’t already, I look forward to meeting you. And for those of you who are new to the Van Arsdale community, welcome!


Tammy Bray
Tammy Bray